w00t! More South Asians on TV!

Pilot season is coming up, so you know what that means, NEW SHOWS! This year, we’re seeing more and more of a presence of South Asians on TV. With Fox greenlighting writer Anjay Sahgal’s comedy about a contemporary Indian American brothers and their relationship’s with their immigrant parents (think Everybody Loves Raymond with Indians) Nevermind Nirvana, which NBC decided that a show staring Kal Penn didn’t have the appeal that Matthew LeBlanc’s Joey had; Outsourced, a fish out of water story about a demoted American manager sent to India to run a Call Center, has been greenlit by NBC; and an American adaptation of the hit BBC series The Kumars at No. 42 has been developed and is currently being shopped around around major networks.

I gotta say THIS IS AWESOME! After seeing  so many South Asians getting bit roles and starting to see them getting major staring roles in shows like The Office, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, Lost, House, Scrubs, Heroes, Chuck, 24, Crossing Jordan, Parks and Recreation, Community, Glee and The Good Wife, its refreshing to see more people of color making up a majority of the cast in one show, let alone three shows. Lets all hope they’re not gonna play into gimmicks and keep the shows to their full hilarious potentials.

source: Indian-themed comedies a new TV trend


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