America, Tired? That’s Unpossible!

In a study done recently by the National Sleep Foundation, it found a couple pretty interesting things. Turns out that us Asian Americans, on average, get as much sleep as Whites (about 7 hours), half an hour more than Hispanics and a full hour more than Blacks. And we all get about an extra hour on the weekends. Don’t y’all jump for joy yet,  recommended sleeping time is about 8.5 hours.

Apparently we also have the best rests, about 84 % of Asian Americas responded as having a good or restful night of sleep, and have the lowest rates of sleep disorders at 10%. But the downside of that is only 14% , compared to the average of 28% across all racial groups, of Asian Americans report sleep related issues to medical professionals, which also might explain the low rate of diagnosing sleeping disorders. Also Asian Americans (16%) and Blacks (17%) tend to be doing work the hour prior to sleep. And Asian Americans are the most likely to end up being online (51% versus 22% Whites, 20% Blacks, 20% Hispanics) prior to sleeping.

So what does this mean? I mean us college kids already don’t get enough sleep, 5 hours is awesome, right? Well, some of the data can be perceived as positive to the unassuming, but the most important thing is that there is a huge disparity among Asian Pacific Americans and talking to medical professionals about sleeping disorders, which might be due to language barriers and outright not talking to the doctors about problems. Also there is other data that is pretty depressing on our part, read the NSF article for more information. Le sigh. But all can be fixed, just start by following some of the guidelines set by NSF and better sleep will come to you.

sources: The Week: Why Aren’t We Sleeping Enough & The National Sleep Foundation

photo source: Know your Meme


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