Racebending.com and their “Racist” Crusade for Diversity

Now,  I was going to delay a post about the controversy being the Live-Action movie of “The Last Airbender” but this is too good to pass up. So by now all of you heard about how “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is now a Live-Action film, and the blatant casting , or lack of casting, of non-APAs in this film based on an Asian influenced cartoon. If not I suggest you to read about it on the Racebending website.

But I digress, this isn’t about the controversy behind the movie, but this problem:

Really? THE NERVE OF RACEBENDING, trying to elicit their racist ideals by advocating for more diversity on the silver screen.</sarcasm>

But in all seriousness, I can find 1000 facebook groups that are more racist than Racebending’s group in 5 minutes. But why ban Racebending’s group? Is it because there are idiots who write racist and offensive things on the internet and facebook saw some of those? Is it because of financial reasons from the studios and they wanted to curb the backlash by having facebook remove the group? Or is it that facebook saw a flag on the group and took it at face value? Who knows now. This action is one of many small violation on civil liberties by corporations and other large entities to silence our collective voices to things the we, as a minority, oppose. We can only move forward  to try to restore the group on facebook and spread the message of diversity in the media forward.

Remember to check out the Racebending website,  fan Racebending, join the Restore the Racebending Facebook Group,  and attend our General Meeting, Yellowface: Hollywood’s Love-Hate Relationship with Asian Americans, on Tuesday, March 30th in VKC 156 at 7:00 and the “Yellow Face” documentary screening on Tueday, April 6th here at the USC Campus at the Leavey Library Auditorium.

edited photo sources: Racebending and Restore the Racebending Facebook Group


Looks like Facebook restored the People against Racebending group. No reason why the took it down in the first place.


3 thoughts on “Racebending.com and their “Racist” Crusade for Diversity

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  2. Ciderkiss

    You say that they are racist but with what proof? You have none just your opinions. That group was falsely flagged by a bunch of douchebags.

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