Harmony Wu, Congressional Candidate?

Update: This is old news now, but on April 7th Harmony decided not to run. Her statement deciding not to run can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=107165679301145&topic=27

I just got some news via facebook from my pal and author of SF Gate’s Asian Pop, the venerable Jeff Yang. Looks like dissatisfied progressives in Massachusetts’ 9th Congressional district want to draft former Emerson College Professor, local political activist and USC PhD recipient Harmony Wu to replace Congressman Stephen Lynch due to his nay votes to the health care reform bill, slated to be voted on tomorrow.

I’m not here to bash Rep. Lynch, but here to highlight a fellow Trojan and political activist. According to the Draft Harmony Wu for the 9th Congressional District facebook group,

Harmony Wu is a resident and Town Meeting member of Needham, MA and a well-known Democratic activist who has effectively organized hundreds of volunteers in support of progressive candidates and issues. Harmony, who is a mother of two and holds a Ph.D., had little political experience before she took it upon herself to organize Needham for the Obama campaign in 2008. She shocked political insiders with the number of people she mobilized to support and volunteer for then-candidate Obama. Since then, Harmony has been a creative and passionate organizer who has worked tirelessly on behalf of national, statewide and local candidates and issues. Most recently, she has been a key volunteer health care reform organizer in Massachusetts and has led the charge for health care organizing in Rep. Lynch’s district, mobilizing hundreds of people to call and visit his office in support of reform. Harmony received a B.A. from Amherst College and a Ph.D. from University of Southern California. She was an instructor at Emerson College and is a published author on media and culture. She has served on the Board of the Needham League of Women Voters. Harmony is married to Jason Hornick, a physician.

Today they had a petition drive to draft Harmony so she can run. Looks like Lynch has some heated competition from people sick of his voting record.

source: Draft Harmony Wu for the 9th Congressional District

photo source: Needham’s Obama Supporters: Yes We Will!


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