Wayback Machine I: A&F T-shirt Controversy of 2002

Lets go back 8 years ago. 2002. The Lakers had just completed a three-peat by sweeping the Nets. Roman Polanski won an Accadamy Award for Best Director in The Pianist. And this…

For a little background: in April of 2002, Abercrombie & Fitch sold a line of graphic tees which stereotypically portrayed Asian caricatures from Coolies, Laundry workers (above) , Buddha [which I have to say that is a depiction of Budai aka Hotei aka Maitreya, not Gautama Buddha. Friggen idiots] and Chinese Merchants. This caused quite a fuss with college kids.

This is really near and dear to my heart, since this was the issue that got me involved with my activism. Y’all must be saying, Kevin, weren’t you in middle school when this happened? Yes, yes I was. I think this was the beginning of my love hate relationship with pop culture and my discovery of Angry Asian Man. Thanks to the advent of web archiving, I discovered the old posts I so dearly have somewhat fond memories of. Now that I think of it stupid crap like this still happens, but its kind of fun to look back and see the genesis of one’s passion.

photo sources : snopes.com: Abercrombie & Fitch T-Shirt Controversy & Asian American Resource Workshop


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