APASA Awards + E-Board Announcement

Hey all. Just got back from the APASA End of the Year Banquet. Saw many good friends and was surprised to find out that we won this…

Mad props go to Nikkei, the Chinese American Student Association, Kazan Taiko, Zhongwen Club for taking the other awards that escape me at this moment [sorry if I forget anybody]. But the biggest props has to go to our pals at Troy Philippines for taking Most Spirited, Best Collaboration with Nikkei and APASA Organization of the Year.  Big thanks to the 09-10 APASA Executive Board for an amazing year and for setting the foundation for what will be an epic 10-11 year.

Finally I guess I should announce our new Executive Board for the 2010-2011 Year:

President: Kevin Cheung
Internal Vice President: Tony Kouot
External Vice President: Herman Leung
Secretary: Katrina Karl
Treasurer: Cecilia Chung
Publicity Chair: David Lau
Events Chair: Marjorie Villapando
Community Service Chairs: Soo Jung Han and Bill Zhou
Social Chair: Nadia Kim
General Board Member: Angela Wen

So I guess this ends it for this semester. No worries, we’ll still be blogging throughout the summer. Keep an eye for us and stay empowered.


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