Chinn & Martinez Honored at All-Star Game

At yesterday’s MLB All Star Game, I noticed on the field and in the video for People’s All-Stars Among Us, Betty Chinn was voted in by fans of the San Francisco Giants as their All-Star for her work helping the homeless in her home of Eureka, California. She’s been featured on Oprah and as a speaker at 2010 Women’s Confrence. Her philanthropic work stems from her history being homeless during the Cultural Revolution in her childhood. Chinn doesn’t only give food and clothing to those less fortunate, she also is a friend to those who need her. Chinn dreams of a day where she can open a central location where she can feed and shelter those who have no where else to go.

Also honored by the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans, Alma Martinez the founder of Amigos Sin Barreras/Friends without Barriers was chosen as their All-Star. She started Amigos after her son was stricken with HIV and seeing resources for low-income sufferers of HIV were not met. Amigos serves those in need by establishing the Circle of Friends drop in center,  food pantry and a holistic approaches to treat HIV patients. Martinez works tirelessly to help these men and women who have no other place to go. Her dream is to open a location for those facing their last days to to have a place to go were they will be around people who care for them.

These two women are among many great people chosen by each team and their fan base. They are also among many who are struggling to find the means to keep running their services. Props to the MLB for highlighting unsung heroes that do much for our communities. And remember, help support people like Betty, Alma and the rest of the All-Stars Among Us any way you can (either by donating money, items or time) so services like these going to those who need it.

People’s All Stars Among Us

Betty Chinn

Amigos Sin Barreras/Friends without Barriers


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