Asian Pacific American Artist Spotlight #1: Magnetic North

Our First Artist in SCAPE’s APA Artist Spotlight is Magnetic North from New York via the SF Bay Area. They are comprised of DirectDK (Derek Kan) and Theresa Vu. You might ask why did we go them first? Well, I’m a geezer and I was keeping up before all these Asian American folks were blowing up youtube. Magnetic North was the first Asian American group in my memory to put out a serious track that was not only good, but also spoke to the young and Asian American. Their first album was heavy on Asian American themes, and was made in the way that didn’t come off as too corny.

Their first track, Drift Away (a reinterpretation of Drift Away from Dobie Gray/Uncle Kracker) was a chill one and was also Wong Fu Productions’ first music video collaboration widely posted on the internet.

On top of all this, Magnetic North is still active in music scene performing and producing tracks for the APA masses including this recent track that paid homage to APA activists old and new, well known and not so well known. It’s a whose who of the APA community.

This is their most recent album that you can listen to here:

This was their first album from back in the day:



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