Asian Pacific American Artist Spotlight #3: Legaci

Millions upon Millions of American teenage girls were screaming for a bunch of Asian American guys this past year. Unheard of right? Not anymore! Thanks to who? The Bane of my Existence: Justin Beiber.

Who are these 4 brothas? They are Asian American R&B Group Legaci from the SF Bay Area. Think I’m lying? Proof:

How did this all happen? Legaci performed aYoutube Collaboration with TimmyDelaGhetto and Cathy Nguyen for a cover of Justin Beiber’s “Baby.” Justin Beiber’s manager saw it, like it, and linked up with the boys from the Bay. Here was that collaboration:

I’m hoping for the day these fellas wipe the floor on NBC’s The Sing Off because those other groups are lacking a lot of bass and soul in their acapella.


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