Asian Pacific American Artist Spotlight #6: Kina Grannis

Hey everyone! Another week goes by and another APA Artist to spotlight! This week we have the opportunity to present to everyone the  lovely singer-songwriter Kina Grannis. After graduating from USC in 2007, Kina catapulted to stardom as the winner of the Doritos’ Crash The Super Bowl contest hosted by Youtube. This quickly earned her a record deal with Interscope Records and a 97-million viewer audience for her winning video, “Message From Your Heart.”

However, Kina decided to shortly after part ways with Interscope Records, trading creative control for independence. Even without the backing of a major label, Kina self-funded and released her 2010 album, “Stairwells,” which debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 and #5 on iTunes Pop Chart. With the success of her newly-released album, she then went on to tour all across America and Canada. Touring allows her to connect with her fans and supporters, which Kina describes this as “the best thing ever.”

Coming from a bi-racial half Japanese background, Kina has not abandoned her roots and works closely with the Asian American community. She was featured in Wong Fu’s series, “Funemployed,” along with collaborating with other Asian artists, producers, and directors.

Here’s the music video that set in motion her career:

“Message From Your Heart”:

My personal favorite. Her super-catchy melodies combined with her soulful vocals and topped off with her innocent lyrics are the reasons why she’s a staple on my and millions of other fans’ iTunes:

Other relevant links:

Wikipedia Page:

Youtube Page

Wikipedia Page:


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