InspirASIAN V2.0: Stars of the APA Community

InspirASIAN V2.0: Stars of the APA Community

In honor of the APA Heritage Festival, SCAPE invites you to join us for an evening of good food, great talks, and awesome folks at InspirASIAN V2.0! There will be FREE FOOD and first 25 people will get FREE BOBA! Come early! Doors open at 6:30pm!

USC Student Coalition for Asian Pacific Empowerment (SCAPE), in collaboration with Troy Philippines, Gamma Epsilon Omega, and Delta Phi Kappa, has put together an event that will have you re-thinking what it is to be Asian Pacific American and successful. We are taking a fresh new look on “InspirASIAN” and how members of the Asian/Pacific Islander community use their identity as a source of inspiration and creativity. The folks that we’ve assembled for this event are all APA figures that have proven over and over that success doesn’t mean leaving behind but rather LIFTING UP our APA community!

Guest stars featuring:
-Paul Kim (PK), comedian and the founder of Kollaboration
-Kevin Lien, singer
-The Fung Brothers, comedians and rappers
-Paul Dateh-Hip Hop violinist and singer
-Arika Sato, American TV personality and host
-Toestah, songwriter, singer, producer, engineer

We will also feature an amazing line up of our own APA TROJAN performers to show you how our own APA students rock our campus!

InspirASIAN v2.0 Flyer



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