SCAPE’s First General Meeting!

The USC Student Coalition for Asian Pacific Empowerment had their first General Meeting on Thursday, September 10! After introductions and icebreakers, SCAPE E-board went over the mission and vision of SCAPE, general information about our club, and the introduction of InspirASIAN and SCAPE’s very own intern program. The rest of the meeting was spent brainstorming as people collected in small groups to come up with possible themes and social issues for SCAPE to pursue throughout the school year. One special surprise was that past SCAPE E-boarders showed up to support our first GM! It was great seeing them and hearing from past Presidents about their own experience.

In other notes, SCAPE will be attending #IStandWithAhmed on Wednesday at 6:30 pm, an event that aims to discuss the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, a 14 year old student in Irving, Texas, and how our narratives are impacted by growing up in America post 9/11. Join us!


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