Executive Board Structure and Duties

Board Structure



Officer Duties


  • Setting the goals, vision, and direction for SCAPE
  • Setting and ensuring board members’ adherence to deadlines
  • Understanding, educating, and ensuring that the general membership and executive board of SCAPE adheres to APASA and internal regulations
  • Serving as official representative within and outside of USC
  • Presiding over and coordinating the officer transition process
  • Establishing relationships and coordinating events with USC student organizations (especially those with an APA focus) and academic departments

Vice President

  • Acting as President if President is unable to fulfill their duties
  • Supervising on-campus planning and coordinate any events relating to APASA including organizing SCAPE’s participation in Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  • Maintaining relationships with other campuses and networks as they pertain to the Asian Pacific American community (this can potentially include organizing with the West Coast Asian Pacific Student Union)
  • Supervise internal Executive Board relations and resolve conflict

Finance Director

  • Managing the organization’s finances through prudent budgeting, efficient funds allocation, and periodically reporting this information to the President and the Vice President
  • Overseeing all fundraising efforts including the creation, order, and distribution, of SCAPE t-shirts
  • Assessing and collecting membership fees when applicable
  • Distributing reimbursements for SCAPE events
  • Keeping a detailed record of expenditures
  • Supervising all transactions and deposits into SCAPE’s bank account
  • Coordinating sponsorship opportunities

inspirAsian Coordinator

  • Coordinating, supervising, and delegating all logistical matters related to InspirASIAN while maintaining a cohesive vision
    • InspirASIAN will involve the booking of artists, securing a venue, publicizing the event, acquiring funding/sponsorship, managing food, and other logistical concerns
  • Ensuring that all aspects are fully realized and that the proceedings run smoothly the day of the event

Communications Chair

  • Facilitating official communications within the organization
  • E-mailing general membership about upcoming events
  • Submitting information regarding SCAPE events to APASA’s weekly newsletter
  • Establishing relationships, communicating, and coordinating events with external organizations such as intercollegiate groups and local non-profits


  • Taking meeting minutes during Executive Board meetings
  • Disseminating meeting notes to all board members after each meeting
  • Maintaining a record for the organization’s yearly events
  • Maintaining a roster of elected and appointed executive board membership
  • Managing the membership roster
  • Working on the SCAPE transition binder in conjunction with past and present SCAPE presidents
  • Regularly updating the SCAPE website with up to date information
  • Supervising and mentoring interns

Social Media Director

  • Managing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) –duties can be shared with other cabinet members based on circumstances
  • Live-tweeting using the SCAPE Twitter (@uscSCAPE) when attending conferences or other events
  • Possibly establishing a Tumblr account for SCAPE and integrating it with other social media platforms
  • Administer the SCAPE Facebook group by posting content, promoting events, and encouraging discussions that extend conversation from GMs and other SCAPE actions

Graphic Designers

  • Creating all necessary marketing materials for official SCAPE events
  • If or when necessary, revising the organizational logo